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HISTORIC SITES OF KENYON AREA: An internet web application is available for the public to use for researching and learning about the national registered historical sites, local historic sites, cemeteries, ghost towns and rural school districts in the Kenyon area, and Goodhue County. Known sources, as well as, the help of local historical societies, a list was established and research began to create site documents. In the documents are pictures, an address and a brief history of the site. Sites and information are continuously being added. Please visit http://www.co.goodhue.mn.us/departments/landuse/gis/HistoricPlaces.aspx to browse the county for interesting historic sites. To submit sites or provide additional information about the sites, contact Alan Laumeyer, Goodhue County GIS Office, 651-385-3094 or alan.laumeyer@co.goodhue.mn.us

Helpful information about the community, whether you're looking for a church to join, or are wondering how the City got it's name.




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