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Building Permits

Homeowners and contractors alike have many questions as to the requirements concerning construction in Kenyon.  To help clarify some of these requirements, the City has prepared a short summary of the answers to frequently asked questions.

What types of projects require a building permit?  New construction, building additions, building remodeling, garages, storage sheds, decks, porches, shingling, siding, windows, and pools.  The City should also be contacted concerning placement and types of materials to be used in fences and retaining walls.  It also necessary to call Gopher State One Call at 1-800-252-1166 before any digging is done.  This is a general list and does not include every construction project that may require a building permit.  Please contact City Hall to verify whether you need a permit for your project (789-6415).

What other types of permits may be required?  Permits are also required for demolition of buildings, moving of buildings, signs, driveways, sidewalks, sewer and water connections, curb cuts, street excavations, and planting of trees on the boulevards.

What types of projects do not require a building permit?  Painting, wallpapering, carpet and tile flooring, decorative landscaping, roof gutters and downspouts, and patio slabs do not require a permit.

What information is needed for a building permit?  The application form contains questions concerning:  Address of job site; Owners name, address, and phone number; Contractors name, address, phone number, and state license number; Description of proposed work; Estimated cost of the project; Parcel information including zoning and lot dimensions; Site plan for parcel; and Building plans.  The foregoing is a list of the basic information contained on the application form.  The Building Official may require information concerning construction methods, types of materials, and other additional items depending on the project.

Are copies of any plans needed?  Copies of plans are needed for any type of new construction and additions.  Depending on the project, you may need to include a set of the following plans:  Floor plans; Wall sections; Door and window schedules; Truss and floor joist specifications; Exterior elevations; Plumbing and mechanical plans; and Energy code worksheets and checklists.  Additional plans and information may be required depending on your project.  The Building Official will advise you as to which plans are needed for your project and can assist you in determining where to locate this information.

How long is a building permit valid?  A building permit is valid for 180 days from the date of issuance.  This means the project must be commenced within that time, but does not need to be finished by the end of 180 days.  Construction on the project may continue thereafter provided there are no extended breaks in the construction period.  If it appears that your project cannot be completed during the construction season please contact City Hall.

What inspections are required?  The inspections required are different for different types of projects.  Some typical inspections include:  Sewer and water connections; Footings; Foundations; Plumbing; Backflow prevention; Electrical; Framing; Insulation; Roof coverings; and Project final.  At the time that you apply for your building permit, City staff will discuss with you what inspections are required for your project.  The contractor (or owner if he/she is doing the construction work) is responsible for calling the Building Official to schedule the required inspections. 

If you have any questions concerning construction materials or methods, building code requirements for your project, building permit requirements, zoning requirements, or to verify what inspections are required for your project, please contact City Hall.

Spreadsheet of setbacks and regulations listed by zoning district - includes Bigelow and Countryside Meadows

Building Permit Form - fillable

Building Permit Forms

For related information or to schedule inspections, please contact Goodhue County Inspections at:


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