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Parks and Recreation 

Kenyon Municipal Swimming Pool

The Parks & Recreation Committee covers such items as depot park, disc golf course, the swimming pool, and various other recreation activities.



Abigail Held  Chair
Tesa St. John  
Elizabeth Engel  
Melisa Bartel  
Mary Bailey  
Shauna Johnson  
Karri Haasnoot  
John Mortensen Ex Officio - Council Rep.



Recreation Trail

Ice Skating Rink

Depot Park
With playground equipment, and plenty of shade trees, this park is a popular site for birthday parties, picnics, and family reunions. The indoor Depot Park facility may be rented for private use. 

Disc Golf

October:  Haunted Halloween at Depot Park

Kans for Kenyon:  Help Support the Park and Rec. Committee by donating your alumimun cans in the trailer located in the parking lot for the Food Shelf at 98 Gunderson Blvd.  All proceeds benefit K-W Community Ed, the Kenyon Pool, the FREE Haunted Halloween, Depot Park Playground equipment, discs for frisbee golf, K-W gym classes and much, much more.

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